Definitions for "SIV"
Swine Influenza Virus
Group of lentiviruses found naturally in many monkeys and apes in Africa in which they appear not to cause disease. When acquired by other primates (eg Asian monkeys), SIVs often causes disease. The SIVs are the closest known relatives of the HIVs.
A virus, similar to HIV in humans, that infects monkeys and other primates in west and central Africa.
imulations of ncidents en Vol (in flight). A paragliding safety clinic where pilots intentionally deflate their wing and learn to re-inflate it. The flights start at 4000' AGL over a body of water and the pilots carry a series of meneuvers for which they briefed specifically before each flight. The greatest advantage of taking a SIV clinic is that you learn what your wing can do and how not to over-react when things go wrong. A must for every serious pilot.
Siv is a character in the Guardians of Ga'hoole book series.
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Sif. Tor's wife. Name might be related to 'sibylla'.
Sales Inspection Visit. The term for prospective buyers that stay at a resort for a low cost, on condition they attend a sales presentation.
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Single Intelligence Vote