Definitions for "Sight Line"
The line along the perimeter of the glazed panel corresponding to the edge of fixed or removable bead. The line to which sealants contacting the glazed panel are sometimes finished off. It tends to be the daylight size.
The perimeter of the opening that admits daylight.
Imaginary line along perimeter of lights or panels corresponding to the top edge of stationary and removable stops.
a thin stripe on top of mallet slightly off center
a line set lengthwise on top of the mallet head to aid a player in aiming the direction of the stroke.
A line extending from an observer's eye to a viewed object or area.[xvii] In this context it refers to natural landscape and how much of that landscape is visible and unobstructed.
The range of a guard's view of objects on display in which large objects do not obscure small objects.
In land-use planning, the limits, or two sides, of a visual field usually defined by opaque objects, such as buildings, that block views beyond a certain point.
Visible area that can be readily seen by outside traffic and is very important for a commercial business.