Definitions for "Sherlock"
someone who can be employed as a detective to collect information
A pipe with a U-curve in its stem. Named for the famed fictional British detective Sherlock Holmes, who smoked a similarly shaped meerschaum pipe.
Sherlock, named after Sherlock Holmes, is the file and web searching tool made by Apple Inc. for the Mac OS, introduced with Mac OS 8.5 as an extension of the Mac OS Finder's file searching capabilities. Like its predecessor, it can search for local files and file contents, which it does using the same basic indexing code and search logic found in Apple Search. Sherlock extended the system by allowing the user to search for items through the world wide web through a set of plugins that harness existing web search engines.
Keywords:  jboss, syslog, postgresql, jini, utf
Distributed Syslog collector and viewer system with reliable Syslog msgs over tcp, and query with reg ex. using PERL. Supports IETF syslog and syslog relay, JAVA/JINI based, uses postgreSQL, JBOSS. Chain of custody raw to db data link. UTF8, D, F , UK