Definitions for "Sheers"
Fine, translucent fabrics such as organdy and voile that filter daylight while preserving privacy.
Sheers are a class of thin, lightweight fabrics, with open weave constructions. May be made of any natural or manmade fiber.
a window panel that is translucent
Keywords:  glamour, wisp, daytime, denier, hosiery
Dress sheers are hosiery fashioned generally of 15 or 20 denier yarn - to be worn for daytime glamour. Evening sheers are hosiery fashioned of wisp-weight 10,12, or 15 denier yarn - to be worn for special occasions.
Keywords:  lashed, spars, mast, raised, getting
Are spars lashed together, and raised up, for the purpose of getting out or in a mast.