Definitions for "Seekers"
Seekers is a fan-created term in the Transformers universe for the Decepticon warriors with jet transformations. Also referred to as Skyraiders (on Generation 2 European packaging and in UK Generation 2 Marvel Comics), Jetron (in Japan), and simply the "Decepticon Planes" - none of which are as popular or widespread in their use as "Seekers" - they are led by Starscream. On Cybertron, the Seekers transformed into an approximately pyramidal shaped aircraft/spacecraft (sometimes referred to as Tetrajets in this form).
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The seekers were the hand of the Chosen during the Dark War, and even after Chosen's demise some of them remained in this world continuing their eternal battle against the forces of Chaos. Of these, the best known are the three Master Seekers, Derian, Skrye and Atmos, all of whom where close friends of the Chosen. The Master Seekers will also make appearance in the ROG campaign.
Itinerant folk, suspicious of superstition and convention, who try to discern large truths by applying rigorous logical inquiry to stories, legends, and empirical observations. Considered crackpots. Associate loosely with each other, usually arguing a lot. Put a silence on themselves when they need time to think.
Persons who come forward for prayer during an altar invitation.
Craft which rely on fixing freight for merchants instead of carrying the owner's own goods.