Definitions for "securitization"
The process of aggregating similar instruments, such as loans or mortgages, into a negotiable security.
An attempt to provide liquidity to real estate markets, which had previously been viewed as an illiquid asset holding. Congress created the REIT as an investment vehicle for this purpose to allow "pass through" tax treatment for trusts. REIMC's also serve this purpose.
the process of selling packages of bank debts to third party investors as bonds.
Securitization in international relations is a concept of thought connected with the Copenhagen School of International Relations, a constructivistic theory of international relations. It is a means to specify whether a given area of interest is merely ordinarily politicized or the area is considered essential for survival. The term was coined by Ole Wæver in 1997, but seems to have become commonplace, at least within constructivistic studies of international relations.
Replacing loans or the financing of various kinds of loans and advances by issuing securities (such as bonds or commercial paper).
A proposal for issuing bonds that would be used to buy down existing power contracts or other obligations. The bonds would be repaid by designating a portion of future customer bill payments. Customer bills would be lowered, since the cost of bond payments would be less than the power contract costs that would be avoided.
Allows utilities that are being restructured to receive full or partial stranded cost recovery, usually through a "customer transition charge" or other "non-bypassable" obligation placed on ratepayers. (See Stranded Costs)
The packaging of lease receivables into an investment grade security as an alternative funding source.
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