Definitions for "Sebastian"
a Christian martyr and Saint. He was a bodyguard to the Roman emperor Diocletian, his beliefs manifested during the persecution of the Christians and was probably executed in the 3rd century with arrows. From the 15th century this scene has been frequently depicted in the visual arts. - In Trakl's poetry, he, like Elis and Helian, is a myth-like, enigmatic character. [ Sebastian in Dream; Bequest: To Angela version 2; Summer. In sunflowers...
Saint Sebastian (traditionally died January 20,Commemorated in his feast day 287), was a Christian saint and martyr, who is said to have died under the persecution of Christians by the Roman emperor Diocletian in the 3rd century. He is commonly depicted in art and literature tied to a post and shot with arrows.
Sebastian (alternative title När alla vet) is a Swedish 1995 film based on the novel by Per Knutsen that chronicles the coming out experience of a teenage boy. It is directed by Svend Wam.
Knud Grabow Christensen (born Knud Torben Christensen on December 19, 1949), better known by the stage name Sebastian, is a Danish singer, guitarist and composer. Having worked in the folk genre, he has become one of the most prominent pop/rock musicians in Denmark and has scored numerous films and plays.
Sebastian, voiced by Samuel E. Wright, later by Kevin Michael Richardson, is a fictional character in Disney's The Little Mermaid (1989).
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