Definitions for "Search Strategy"
In a search for information, a systematic plan in which the first step is to formulate a topic statement, the next step is to identify search terms appropriate to the topic, and the following step is to combine the terms in search statements acceptable to the database or other tool used in searching. Reference books and subject thesauri can be very helpful in identifying and selecting search terms. See also Boolean searching.
How you go about looking for information on something such as the Internet - primarily the words chosen
The organized plan by which an on-line user conducts a search of an electronic information resource. It usually involves the use of Boolean operators to increase search precision or retrieval.
(03) - indicates the presence of a pre-formulated search strategy including subject headings, subheadings, document types, and other limits designed to lead to a final result [listed in electronic versions only].
Keywords:  prescription, choices
a prescription on how to make choices during a search
a system for examining important aspects of a work
A module of the search engine that generates a specific search space and selects among the alternatives available in that search space.