Definitions for "Scandalous"
Giving offense to the conscience or moral feelings; exciting reprobation; calling out condemnation.
Disgraceful to reputation; bringing shame or infamy; opprobrious; as, a scandalous crime or vice.
giving offense to moral sensibilities and injurious to reputation; "scandalous behavior"; "the wicked rascally shameful conduct of the bankrupt"- Thackeray; "the most shocking book of its time"
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"Scandalous" is a smooth, romantic ballad by Prince, released as a single off his 1989 Batman soundtrack. The song continues a long tradition of Prince's sexually charged ballads, with gasped, passionate vocals on lyrics such as "I can't wait till I can wrap my legs all around U". The track features a drum machine and synthesizers, which sample Clare Fischer's orchestra.
Scandalous was the first single from Mis-Teeq's sophomore album, Eye Candy. Released in 2003, the song became a major hit in the UK, Australia and many European countries. In 2004, the song was chosen as the trio's debut single in the U.S..
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Defamatory; libelous; as, a scandalous story.