Definitions for "SanTana"
Santana is the eponymously-titled debut album released 1969 of the San Francisco rock group, led by guitar player Carlos Santana. The album features the line-up of Carlos (guitar, vocals), Gregg Rolie (organ, piano, vocals), David Brown (bass guitar), Michael Shrieve (drums), Michael Carabello (timbales, congas, percussion) and Jose 'Chepito' Areas (timbales, congas, percussion).
Santana (originally the Santana Blues Band) is a rather quickly changing formation of musicians who accompany Carlos Santana since the late '60s. Just like Santana himself, the band is known as the one which made latin rock famous in the rest of the world.
a Spanish Dance company based in New York City with a second home in Durham, North Carolina
Santa Ana, Calif., from where ¡Ask a Mexican! originates. The most-Latino big city in the United States, according to the 2000 Census. Please pronounce the city like the natives: "SanTana," like the famous guitarist, not "Santa Ana," like a combo of Claus and Karenina.
Located on the North Zone of São Paulo, Brazil, Santana is mainly a residential zone with Mediumscale and Upscale constructions. There are some small shops like bakeries, banks, and shoe shops. Others services are easily found.
Santana is a parish in the municipality of Nordeste in the Azores. It is split by a stream into two places known as Feteira Grande and Feteira Pequena. Together, these constitute the parish of Santana.
a talented pitcher with a terrific fastball and slider
a passionate man with a great appreciation for the sport of boxing