Definitions for "SAFER"
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In cryptography, SAFER (Secure And Fast Encryption Routine) is the name of a family of block ciphers designed primarily by James Massey (one of the designers of IDEA) on behalf of Cylink Corporation. The early SAFER K and SAFER SK designs share the same encryption function, but differ in the number of rounds and the key schedule. More recent versions — SAFER+ and SAFER++ — were submitted as candidates to the AES process and the NESSIE project respectively.
Self-rescue rocket backpack device for use during spacewalks around the International Space Station
local government organisation supposed to ensure the proper use of agricultural land, sometimes they will hold pre-emptive rights to buy land
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SAFER stands for Simple Agent For Email Routing. In short, the program allows for a single domain name's incoming email services to be split amoung multiple servers without the need to change DNS.
Safety and Fitness Electronic Records