Definitions for "SABAR"
Keywords:  senegalese, senegal, drum, goro, doudou
A family of long Wolof drums characterized by large tuning pegs protruding from the neck. Includes the nder (high solo drum), mbëì mbëì (mid-range drum), lamb and goroì talmbat (bass drums), and several other varieties. By far the most common instrument in Senegal, present at almost all gatherings.
Senegalese drum played with one stick and one hand, featured in many Senegalese pop bands.
The sabar is traditional drum from the West African nation of Senegal. It is generally played with one hand and one stick. Among its most renowned exponents is the Senegalese musician Doudou N'Diaye Rose (b. 1928).
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This project is dead! Sabar is a search engine that uses Linux' samba to index files on Windows networks.
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Indian pick made of steel