Definitions for "RoundTrip "
Keywords:  trip, pantellos, shopping, catalog, uml
RoundTrip is a tool which performs round-trip software engineering from Java source code into UML object models, and back again.
A procurement process in which a Customer uses an internet browser to access a suppliers web site with single sign-on and puts items into a shopping cart on the suppliers web site. Then, rather than checking out, the shopping cart is electronically sent to the customers procurement software where the procurement process proceeds. Roundtrip makes it easy for the customer to get exactly the items they want with the suppliers most current pricing without having to maintain the suppliers catalog within their procurement application. Roundtrip doesn't require the supplier to send catalog and pricing information to customers. Round Trip is the same process as Punch Out. S-Z
A term used to describe the process of a buyer searching and retrieving items from a catalog that is hosted by Pantellos or the supplier. Catalogs can be accessed through buying applications in one of three ways: 1. The buying application can RoundTrip to the Marketplace, where the catalog is loaded into the marketplace content engine. 2. The buying application can RoundTrip to the supplier's website, where the catalog resides. 3. The catalog can be "loaded" directly into the buying application (no RoundTrip required).
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The action of pulling the drill pipe out of the hole and subsequently running the pipe back into the hole to the same depth. Roundtrips are made each time the drill bit is changed, for example.
The conversion of a file from one format to another and then back to the original format.