Definitions for "Roscoe"
Roscoe (born David Williams in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) is a West Coast rapper from Hawthorne, California. He was only 15 when he rapped on his first track, Roscoe was introduced to the rap industry by his brother, Tha Dogg Pound MC and former Death Row Records associate Kurupt. A native of Philadelphia, Roscoe was ten years old when he flew to California to watch his brother lay down tracks for Tha Dogg Pound's debut album Dogg Food.
Roscoe is a novel by William Kennedy which was published in 2002, and depicts an aging politician who is a key behind-the-scenes player in Albany, New York's Democratic Party machine. Although many names have been changed and events added, the book is clearly based on the O'Connell Machine that controlled Albany for nearly forty years, and some occurrences in the novel are based on actual events. Many of Kennedy's older relatives were minor figures in the machine.
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a classic, a real heart-felt (albeit tongue-in-cheek) tribute to Bellem's Dan Turner
One of the chief fannish ghods, incarnate as a beaver in a propeller beanie.
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Text editor for AdHoc programming. Limited access only.