Definitions for "Rocket jumping"
In FPS s, a rocket jump is a jump assisted by a rocket for the purposes of reaching greater heights. RPG Role Playing Game. Originally, this type of game was played with pen and paper around a table; the participants choose a character to play and then they act it out within the limits of the game, narrating their adventure and throwing die to determine various outcomes (such as if a hit connects and does damage to the opponent). Usually based around fantasy (with mages, elves, wizards, and dwarfs). To differentiate this type of role playing from the computer type, the term table-top role playing is often used. (Tangential to this is LARP, or Live Action Role Playing, where participants dress up as the characters and physically act out their adventure, often outdoors.)
Gaining the ability to jump higher than usual in a game by detonating a rocket beneath your avatar and then using the shock wave from the rocket to enhance a simultaneous jump by the avatar. This is dangerous, as you may well kill your character if this action is mistimed. In some games the action may not be allowed at all.
Some first person shooters allow players to reach greater heights than normal jumps by firing a rocket into the ground whilst jumping. The explosion hurls the player higher. It also usually incurs some damage, so make judicious use of it.