Definitions for "Retroverted Uterus"
uterus that is flexed severely forward or backward.
A condition in which a woman's uterus is tilted backward toward the intestine instead of forward. Also called "tipped uterus" and usually does not cause any gynecological concerns.
A uterus that lies more towards the back than the front. Retroversion of the uterus may be normal and, of itself, this is not a cause of infertility; rarely it can repeatedly get in the way during sex and cause pain, in which case there are operations available to bring it forward, out of the way. Retroversion can also develop from scarring caused by endometriosis, in which case there can be pain with sex (dyspareunia) and infertility (caused by the endometriosis).
a normal variation, similar to being left-handed instead of right-handed