Definitions for "Responsiveness summary"
A formal or informal written summary and response by the DEC to public questions and comments. A responsiveness summary is prepared following a public meeting about a Proposed Remedial Action Plan and may also be prepared after other public meetings. The responsiveness summary may list and respond to each question, or summarize and respond to questions in categories.
A summary of oral and written public comments received by the lead agency during a comment period on key documents and the FFA parties' responses to those comments. The responsiveness summary is a key part of the ROD, highlighting community concerns for Federal Facilities Agreement decisionmakers.
An accumulation of comments, concerns and questions compiled from a public meeting and public comment period and the lead agency's responses to them. Any modifications to the proposed remedial action, resulting from public input, are presented in this document.
Keywords:  appendix, decision, record
an appendix to a Record of Decision