Definitions for "Requestor"
Keywords:  nmfs, delisted, fws, refuge, adc
An individual or agency(ies) that requests wildlife damage management assistance from ADC. Sensitive Species Those species designated, usually in cooperation with the State agency responsible for managing the species, as sensitive. They are those species that are: 1) under status review by the FWS/NMFS; or 2) whose numbers are declining so rapidly that Federal listing may become necessary; or 3) with typically small and widely dispersed populations; or 4) those inhabiting ecological refuge or other specialized or unique habitats. Sensitive species are managed under the same criteria as threatened and endangered species pending formal listing as a T&E species or until it is delisted.
Anyone that has submitted a Proposal Request to a UL Standard. The Requestor can create, save as a draft, and submit a Proposal Request to UL. The Requestor may also withdraw a previously submitted Proposal Request, as long as the request has not been processed.
A person who submits a request.
Anyone who submits a work request (see below) to the maintenance department
is any person who receives or seeks to receive through any means a select agent from any other person or entity.
a handler that resolves the attributes for the A-Select Attribute Gatherer
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the person who asked for something to get done; the ticket's reason for being.
a client application that consumes the web service