Definitions for "Requester"
A Panther web application broker process that accepts a CGI request from the HTTP server and notifies the dispatcher of the incoming request. After the requester is connected to a Jserver, it transmits the Jserver's response back to the HTTP server.
An ATP application that transmits a request for some action to be performed to an ATP responder application that carries out the action and transmits a response reporting the outcome.
In PeopleSoft eSettlements, an individual who requests goods or services and whose ID appears on the various procurement pages that reference purchase orders.
The legislator or legislative entitythat asks that a bill or resolution be drafted.
Someone other than a member of the Legislature, for instance, the governor or an executive agency of state government, can request legislation. When that is the case, the requester will appear at the end of the list of sponsors in the heading of the bill.
a person who makes a request to a public body under the FOI Acts. A requester to a public body may become an applicant to the Office of the Information Commissioner.
A person or company that submits HITs to Mechanical Turk for completion by Workers.
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One who requests; a petitioner.
Editorial noteĀ  Added requester since it is the term used in our Architecture document. system entity making use of a Web service.
Generic term referring to the initiator of an ICE payload request.
a consumer who utilises an existing Web service by opening a network connection and sending an XML request
software module that requests the functionality of another program to complete a task.
A display station or interactive communications session that requests a program to be run.
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The requester is a person who opens a ticket. In the case of a User opening a ticket for a customer (i.e. by phone or other means) the requester is the user requiring support.
One who may request assistance or report a problem. AKA User. Reporter.
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See Client/server.