Definitions for "Renderer"
Keywords:  tallow, lard, vessel
A vessel in which lard or tallow, etc., is rendered.
The part of the Unreal engine that actually draws what the player sees on the screen.
a media processing unit that renders input media to a pre-defined destination, such as the screen or system speaker
A JMF plug-in that delivers media data to some destination, such as a monitor or speaker.
Keywords:  wol, shaded, geometry, routines, model
A software algorithm which renders an image, calculating a color at each pixel based on object visibility and lighting and shading models. [WOL93
a set of routines used to create a shaded synthetic model of the scene, based on the information stored in the geometry and taking into account the lighting, surface attributes, and camera location
An object that renders data using a particular mechanism, such as using files or shared memory. It contains definitions of supported rendering mechanisms and formats and types.
a special type of object within StarSplatter
a class that defines a mapping from the business object tier of Bold to a display representation
A piece of code that displays the emulators graphics often enhancing it.
a special module in charge of converting a glyph image to a bitmap, when necessary
A business engaged in the separation of fats from animal tissue by heating.
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(Application Developer's Guide - XML; search in this book)
an abstraction of a presentation device
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a collection of filters
A software processor that outputs a document in a specified format.
Code that combines data from the Web Storage System with HTML you create to produce a complete HTML page that is returned to the client browser.
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One who renders.