Definitions for "Relational"
Keywords:  kindred
Having relation or kindred; related.
the understanding of meaning and value by the way things stand in relation to one another. Meaning and worth as understood in logic are relational grasps and the mapping of those relations.
Describes a particular type of data model which structures data into individual tables, each made up of fields which are linked together (related) through a system of key fields.
Refers to a database in which data is stored in multiple tables. These tables then "relate" to one another to make up the entire database. Queries can be run to "join" these related tables together.
Used most often with database programs that link data from different files as opposed to linking data types within one file. See also Three-Dimensional Capability.
a statement that checks whether this value is true or not, or if it meets a certain criteria
Keywords:  indicating, specifying
Indicating or specifying some relation.
having a relation or being related