Definitions for "Refreshment"
The act of refreshing, or the state of being refreshed; restoration of strength, spirit, vigor, or liveliness; relief after suffering; new life or animation after depression.
That which refreshes; means of restoration or reanimation; especially, an article of food or drink.
snacks and drinks served as a light meal
refers to the transfer of digital files to a new media on a regular basis. This is the most important part of an institution's long-term commitment to digitization. Technology is usually outdated by the time it hits the marketplace. The data we generate today must be retrievable five, fifty, and a hundred years from now. In order to ensure long-term access to the data, it must be transferred to the most recent and stable type of media storage. In a hundred years, it is very unlikely that any of the computers on our desks today will function. We must make sure that the data can be retrieved by future technology.