Definitions for "Reflectors"
Keywords:  subtly, daylight, tin, foil, hue
Reflectors come in many shapes, sizes and colors. They are placed facing the light and reflect that light into an area of the scene that is a little dark and needs illumination. Gold reflectors can be used to warm a scene because of the color change caused by the gold reflector. Silver and white reflectors provide nearly the same color hue as daylight, with white more subtly filling shadows and the silver providing more contrast. Other colored objects can be used to reflect colors differently. You can purchase reflectors at most photographic stores or you can make one by covering a piece of card board with tin foil.
Used for light effects where spots of light are needed.
Keywords:  sae, reflex, lensing, lamps, meets
Can be part of lensing in lamps provided the lensing meets the reflective requirements of SAE Standard J594, Reflex Reflectors.