Definitions for "RECONFIGURATION"
The process of physically altering the location or functionality of network or system elements. Automatic configuration describes the way sophisticated networks can readjust themselves in the event of a link or device failing, enabling the network to continue operation.
Reconfiguration is the process of changing the behaviour of a system . It is carried out by the addition or the exchange of executable code, which defines the logic of the system, and/or by the modification of operational parameters of the system. Reconfiguration can cover the switch from one predefined configuration to another one as well as the installation of new functionality that was not available in the device before.
a state change, usually forced by a component failure
Recovery from failure in the device. Livingstone can be compiled to do either diagnosis or planning, but not both with the same executable.
Keywords:  fddi, redundancy, dual, isolates, fault
The operation by which a station determines the location of a fault and isolates it by utilizing the redundancy of the dual FDDI ring.
Upgrading an existing product by replacing subsystems, peripherals, software or cabling.