Definitions for "RBA"
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Retailer's Bakery-Deli Association (formerly, Retail Bakers of America).
Retailer's Bakery Association. (formerly, Retail Bakers of America) 14239 Park Center Dr. Laurel, MD 20707 (301) 725-2149
Relative byte address. A data identification method used with VSAM entry sequence data sets (ESDS).
Relative Bechmann Angle. Relative Bechmann Angle is the apparent angle of orientation of an AT crystal blank, which is derived from a plot of the temperature vs. frequency characteristic of a crystal resonator.
relative byte address. The displacement in bytes of a stored record or control interval from the beginning of the storage space allocated to the data set to which it belongs.
Rapid Bioassessment - evaluation of the biological conditions of a waterbody that uses biological surveys of the resident plants, animals, and other living organisms that depend upon the aquatic resource.
Rear Bumper Apron. Replaces the bumper cover or the complete bumper including the bumper reinforcement and absorbers.
Radiological buffer area. An intermediate area established to prevent the spread of radioactive contamination and to protect personnel from radiation exposure.
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Reserve Bank of Australia
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