Definitions for "Quilling"
Keywords:  plaits, fluted, muslin, linen, band
A band of linen, muslin, or the like, fluted, folded, or plaited so as somewhat to resemble a row of quills.
One of the rounded plaits or flutings of such a band.
Keywords:  curls, strips, fiddly, flourishes, slim
paper ornamentation using fine pieces of paper curled to duplicate various shapes and images
Coiling and shaping very thin, lightweight paper strips into designs or accents. Close Window
Technique of creating designs by rolling thin strips of paper into swirls and flourishes that can be combined to form larger images. It's best to look this up on the internet, or buy a book on it, to see the techniques used. Can be fiddly.
Applied ribbons in wavy formation, or undulating ribbons, used especially on individual pieces. Called also pinched trailings" (AGM p.27)
trailed glass decoration consisting of closely spaced festoons, often used at nailsea glasshouse near Bristol and at alloa glassworks in Scotland.
Keywords:  bobbins, shuttle, weaving, yarns, onto
The process of winding filling yarns onto filling bobbins or quills in preparation for use in the shuttle for weaving.