Definitions for "Provincialism"
A word, or a manner of speaking, peculiar to a province or a district remote from the mother country or from the metropolis; a provincial characteristic; hence, narrowness; illiberality.
involves a narrowness of view, thought, or interests. This inductive fallacy tends to stereotypic thought stemming from attitudes of racism, chauvinism, sexism, nationalism, colonialism, and ethnocentrism. Such viewpoints would use unduly selective evidence favourable to the interests. In the defense of some conclusion, M employs Q as a premise, and; a) M's belief that Q is true is unreasonable because the belief has been formulated prior to and without the benefit of the total body of evidence; or, b) M's belief that Q is true is unreasonable because the evidence presented by M for Q is selective. The most plausible explanation for M's holding Q is M's identification with some socio-cultural group to which M belongs (e.g., country, culture, race, sex) (Angeles, 1992, pp. 108-109; Johnson & Blair, 1977, pp. 125-131).
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a lack of sophistication
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a partiality for some particular place