Definitions for "Proffer"
An agreement between a developer and the local government that ensures that a development will exceed the requirements of zoning laws. These lists of promises show items the builder will include in the site plan and pay for. Examples include creating turning lanes from access roads, planting a line of trees as a site buffer, or agreeing to dim or extinguish lighting at night in deference to neighbors.
A written condition, which, when offered voluntarily by a property owner and accepted by the Board of Supervisors in a rezoning action, becomes a legally binding condition which is in addition to the zoning district regulations applicable to a specific property. Proffers are submitted and signed by an owner prior to the Board of Supervisors public hearing on a rezoning application and run with the land. Once accepted by the Board, proffers may be modified only by a proffered condition amendment (PCA) application or other zoning action of the Board and the hearing process required for a rezoning application applies. See Sect. 15.2-2303 (formerly 15.1-491) of the Code of Virginia.
A voluntary promise or commitment given in writing by a developer to construct certain improvements, to make certain donations, or to develop property subject to specified conditions to mitigate the impacts of the proposed development and to develop the property in accord with the Comprehensive Plan. Proffers are often made by developers as part of a rezoning request, to "sweeten" the deal for the county. A proffer might be a donation of land to the county for public use (such as a library or school site), construction of public facilities (such as widening a road or building a school), or cash. Several concerns about the proffer system have been raised. Proffered improvements are generally tied to the development schedule of the project. So a developer may not build a new school or widen a road until the project is completed, though the demand for the infrastructure improvements starts much sooner than that. Also, proffers typically make up only a minor portion of the overall costs for infrastructure needed by a new development. A recent calculation by Loudoun County showed that developer proffers currently amount to about 35% of the total costs of their developments.
To offer for acceptance; to propose to give; to make a tender of; as, to proffer a gift; to proffer services; to proffer friendship.
To essay or attempt of one's own accord; to undertake, or propose to undertake.
An offer made; something proposed for acceptance by another; a tender; as, proffers of peace or friendship.