Definitions for "Procurator"
A governor of a province under the emperors; also, one who had charge of the imperial revenues in a province; as, the procurator of Judea.
An agent. Usually applied to employees of the emperor. They could hold a variety of posts from finance to administration
A high ranking official in the Roman province, who dealt with matters of finance such as taxes. He also looked after the emperor's estates and was directly responsible to the emperor.
One who manages another's affairs, either generally or in a special matter; an agent; a proctor.
The community treasurer, who is entrusted with financial matters of the community. Procurators exist on the general, provincial, and local levels.
Friar appointed to take care of business matters. The procurator of San Fernando College purchased supplies for the California missions.
Keywords:  advocate, lawyer
a lawyer, advocate.
government financial administrator
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a person authorized to act for another