Definitions for "Procedural"
A programming approach whereby the developer specifies exactly what must be done and in what sequence.
A Procedural is a cross-genre type of literature, film, or television program involving a sequence of technical detail. A documentary film may be written in a procedural style to heighten narrative interest.
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A texture that is created by an Aladdin procedure, as opposed to a bit-mapped texture, which is an actual image. Procedural textures are useful for creating banded objects, creating a random texture ("Noise"), or automating the creation of geometric patterns, among other things. It is notable that procedural textures shorten rendering time compared to bitmap textures.
(adj.) A term used to describe the process by which a model is constructed. Procedural information can be thought of as actions, such as creating a face on the cube by following the path made by edges 1 through 4.
applying to methods of enforcement and rules of procedure; "adjective law"
Defined by Murray one of four essential properties of digital environments. The procedural is the computer's ability to execute a series of rules or "behaviors that describe any process, from running a payroll to flying an airplane" (72). The procedural is the input and response that defines sophisticated computational thinking (79). These are rules by which a computer interprets the world.
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of or relating to procedure; "a procedural violation"
of or related to procedure
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synonym for algorithmic
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See Declarative/Procedural.