Definitions for "Prim"
Formal; precise; affectedly neat or nice; as, prim regularity; a prim person.
To deck with great nicety; to arrange with affected preciseness; to prink.
affectedly dainty or refined
Keywords:  privet
The privet.
exaggeratedly proper; "my straitlaced Aunt Anna doesn't approve of my miniskirts"
Keywords:  smartly, dress, act
To dress or act smartly.
dress primly
Keywords:  mince, assume, appearance
assume a prim appearance; "They mince and prim"
Keywords:  ary, devoted, medicine, path, solely
ary care track Track or separate path solely devoted to primary care medicine.
Keywords:  blooming, spring, early, first
prime, first (_Primula_, because of its early blooming in Spring)
Keywords:  bite, lips, food, contract, her
contract one's lips; "She primmed her lips after every bite of food"