Definitions for "Prebend"
A payment or stipend; esp., the stipend or maintenance granted to a prebendary out of the estate of a cathedral or collegiate church with which he is connected. See Note under Benefice.
Cathedral benefice set aside for support of member of chapter. (Frame, Robin. Colonial Ireland, 1169-1369, 144) A benefice in a cathedral chapter designed to support one of the members of the chapter with income supplied by a manor belonging to the cathedral. (Waugh, Scott. England in the Reign of Edward III, 238) The endowment and income of a cathedral or collegiate canonry; could be estates or parish churches and their estates or even a fixed cash sum. Hence often a synonym for canonry, and a canon was often referred to as a prebendary. (Heath, Peter. Church and Realm, 1272-1461, 366) Related terms: Prebendary
the stipend assigned by a cathedral to a canon
( praebenda) the right to receive income in various forms, including money, food, and housing, in connection with an ecclesiastical office.