Definitions for "Postman"
Keywords:  mailman, hasty, courier, carrier, dream
A post or courier; a letter carrier.
To dream of a postman, denotes that hasty news will more frequently be of a distressing nature than otherwise. See Letter Carrier.
One of the two most experienced barristers in the Court of Exchequer, who have precedence in motions; -- so called from the place where he sits. The other of the two is called the tubman.
Keywords:  marvel, forget, david, erase, whatever
Postman (David) is the name of a Marvel Comics character. He has the ability to permanently erase people's memories, usually specified by naming whatever he wants that person to forget.
a microprocess that knows about linkages, and components, and hence runs concurrently to your components
Keywords:  arbitration, wise, symbol, bit
Symbol for bit-wise arbitration.
Keywords:  delivers, man, mail
a man who delivers the mail
a man who delivers the post