Definitions for "Polyphonic Ringtones"
(Polyphonic Tones). A polyphonic tone contains two or more notes that are played simultaneously.
Polyphonic ringtones have the capability to play multiple sounds simultaneously. It allows the sound output to be much more natural and realistic.
are 16 track ringtones which can simulatenously play 40 notes in stereo sound. This is in contrast to "monophonic" ringtones, which can only play a single note at a time and sound like a beginner piano player. Polyphonic ringtones are a more sophisticated form of the monophonic tones, which come closer to what a music track might actually sound like. However, polyphonic ringtones can not replicate voice and other sounds. Whereas Truetone ringtones can (see below). Most current handsets support polyphonic ringtones.