Definitions for "Pliss"
A fabric (like seersucker) in which the texture is striped and puckered. Seen in dresses, pajamas shirts and some bed linens, plissï can be made from cotton, acetate or rayon.
plain weave fabric with a textured surface similar to seersucker
could be made from any fine material, e.g. organdy, lawn, etc. Treated with a caustic soda solution or sodium hydroxide solution which shrinks parts of the goods either all over or in stripes giving a blistered effect. Similar to seersucker in appearance. This crinkle may or may not be removed after washing. This depends on the quality of the fabric. It does not need to be ironed, but if a double thickness, such as a hem, needs a little, it should be done after the fabric is thoroughly dry. Often it is called wrinkle crepe and may be made with a wax/shrink process (the waxed parts remain free of shrinkage and cause the ripples) plug hat a man's stiff hat, as a bowler or top hat