Definitions for "Pickups"
These are bars you see under the strings of an electric guitar that sense the vibrations of the strings and send them to an amplifier as electrical signals. Single-coil pickups employ one coil of wire wound around a magnet to translate the string's vibrations into electrical signals. Using two coils in a pickup makes it a humbucker: It's called a humbucker because the way it's made reduces hum and noise while creating different tones. Some guitars can have just single-coil pickups, just humbuckers, or both.
An electromagnet housed underneath the strings on an electric guitar which produces a signal to be amplified by a guitar amplifier.
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AKA: Picked up Movies made by one studio that have been acquired by another. Alternately, any footage shot after production wraps. See also additional photography.
Railroad Term; When cars are added to an existing train for delivery on its route."
An out-of-stock product purchased to complete scheduled orders or to fill a store shelf until a scheduled delivery arrives.