Definitions for "Photoresist"
(sc) the light-sensitive organic polymer film spun onto wafers and "exposed" using high-intensity light through a mask. The exposed photoresist is dissolved with developers, leaving a pattern of photoresist which allows etching to take place in some areas while preventing it in others.
Layer, laminated onto the surface of a PCB, as part of a photo-printing process.
Typically, a liquid polymeric material that is patterned during a photolithographic process. The material is then imaged using a series of exposure, developing, and baking steps.
A photomechanical product, in the form of a liquid or a laminated dry film, used in the manufacture of printed circuits. Certain types require the use of large quantities of ozone-depleting hydrochlorocarbon solvents, mostly 1,1,1-trichloroethane and methylene chloride, for their processing.