Definitions for "Peta"
A prefix indicating 1015; a quadrillion.
(P) = thousand million million = 1,000,000,000,000,000 = 10 15 (see Micros, Millis, Megas and Measurements)
Unit qualifier (symbol = T) representing one thousand million million, or 1015. For example, 3PHz stands for 3 x 1015 Hertz.
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peta; Skt. preta]: A "hungry shade" or "hungry ghost" — one of a class of beings in the lower realms, sometimes capable of appearing to human beings. The petas are often depicted in Buddhist art as starving beings with pinhole-sized mouths through which they can never pass enough food to ease their hunger. [ MORE
(p) ghost.
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Galego (Galiza): Joint
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals
People for the Ethetical Treatment of Animals
An acronym standing for "People Even regarded as Tiresome by Animals".
Indonesian auxiliary army units established during the Japanese occupation.  Many of its members became high-ranking military officers and political leaders in Indonesia.
a standard SI unit
1015 of ... (e.g., petabits)