Definitions for "Pawnee"
a member of the Pawnee nation formerly living in Nebraska and Kansas but now largely in Oklahoma
(paw NEE) American Indian tribe living in prairie earth lodges similar to those of the Mandan Indians. At the time of Lewis and Clark, they were situated in the present-day state of Nebraska. They farmed and hunted buffalo for their livelihood.
The Pawnee (also Paneassa, Pari, Pariki) are a Native American tribe that historically lived along the Platte, Loup and Republican Rivers in present-day Nebraska. They refer to themselves as "Chaticks-si-Chaticks", meaning "Men of men". In the 18th century they were allied with the French and played an important role in limiting Spanish expansion onto the Great Plains, defeating them decisively in a battle in 1720.
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the Caddoan language spoken by the Pawnee people
Optimara miniature variety. See Little Pawnee Girl.
One or two whom a pledge is delivered as security; one who takes anything in pawn.