Definitions for "PaulA "
Keywords:  lazlo, kuldes, kooluk, razril, suikoden
The sound chip that started it all off, allows 4 mono or two stereo channels to be played back in 8Bit at a maximum of 30kHz.
Paula (ポーラ, Pōra) is a character in Konami's role playing game Suikoden IV. A friend of Lazlo En Kuldes in the Knights of Razril, she fought by his side during the Kooluk Southern Expansion.
Keywords:  twoson, naalehu, honoapu, nintendo, rpg
a beautiful girl who lives in Ka-u district on Hawaii between Naalehu and Honoapu
RPG Earth Bound for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, and is the only female party member. She lives in Twoson.
Keywords:  cimom, cim, linux, perl, repository
PaulA intends to be a CIM-based administration system for Linux written in Perl. It provides a CIM Object Manager , a sample CIM Client for testing purposes, and a repository to store "static" CIM entities. The CIMOM has the ability to communicate with Providers, which supply "dynamic" CIM entities.
Keywords:  oswego, graduate, university
a graduate of Oswego State University
Keywords:  rhapsodie, violet, african, pink, pot
Rhapsodie variety. Medium, standard African Violet (4-inch pot size) with single, pink flowers. More information.