Definitions for "patina"
A dish or plate of metal or earthenware; a patella.
The color or incrustation which age gives to works of art; especially, the green rust which covers ancient bronzes, coins, and medals.
the mellow, timeworn look of a surface
The finish, feel, visual appearance, and character that leather has when used over a period of time. Quality leather accessories are often designed to achieve an attractive patina after use. Many people observe the patina of used quality leather products to be more beautiful than when they were new and unused.
A natural characteristic that develops on full grain leather through normal use over a period of time.
A lustre that develops with time and use.
film formed by exposure to the elements (i.e. moisture, staining of flora and fauna, sunlight, etc.); process may be accelerated or resisted according to the wishes of the specifier and end user.
the glossiness found on flint knives, generally resulting from the cutting of grain
Synonym for toning.
See "Toning"
A term usually used to describe lighter shades of toning.
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This is the yellow soft appearance of wood which has had years of use and has been affected by light, air and tiny dents and scratches.
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Use of an acid to change the color of soldered lead lines.