Definitions for "Parsec"
A unit of length used in describing astronomical distances, equal to 3.26 light years, or 3.086 x 1013 km. Abbreviated pc. The derived units of kiloparsec (kpc, 1000 parsecs) and megaparsec (mpc, one million parsecs) are often found in discussion of astronomical distances.
parallax--second, the distance needed to give 1 sec parallax.
A distance equal to 3.26 light-years, often used as a unit for measuring distances to stars and galaxies. One million parsecs are more conveniently expressed as 1 Megaparsec (Mpc).
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Parsec is perhaps the best-remembered of all TI-99/4A computer games. It is a side-scrolling shooter, programmed by Jim Dramis (who also programmed the popular TI-99/4A games Car Wars and Munchman) and Paul Urbanus in 1982.
Fast-paced multiplayer cross-platform 3D Internet space combat.