Definitions for "Pap smear"
During a pelvic exam, a Pap Smear is usually taken from the cervix to screen the patient for cervical cancer. The Pap Smear is a scraping of cervical cells which is smeared on a slide, fixed with a preservative, stained in a laboratory, and examined for cell abnormalities that may indicate the presence of cancer.
An exam that a doctor or nurse gives a female. They are looking to see if her CERVIX is healthy. The doctor or nurse scrapes cells from the cervix and then looks at them under a microscope. This doesn't hurt. Cells that look unhealthy could be a warning of cancer or a cervical infection, but not always. A woman should have one done every year once she starts her period.
See Pap Test.
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a routine part of your pre-natal care and poses no risk to the fetus
a simple procedure performed during your annual exam
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a good idea no matter who your sexual partner is