Definitions for "Panties"
Bikini: Top of the panty is below the waist. Briefs: Top of the panty is at the waist. French-cut: leg opening extends higher than normal. G-String: The rear panel is very small, though usually larger than a thong. String bikini: A narrow strip of fabric or elastic joints the front and rear panels. Tap pants: Shorts with loose fitting legs, generally rides higher on the sides. Thong: minimal coverage on the rear, usually a string or narrow band of material or elastic. Tights: panties made of stretch fabric, may include attached leg.
Bikini: Top of the panty is below the waist and covers the whole butt area. Briefs: Top of the panty is at the waist. G-string: The rear is simply a string with a front panel just covering the essential area(usually a one-size item). Thong: Minimal coverage in the rear with more material than a G-string in the front and back. Remember, the G-string is uncomfortable for most women to wear all day (the string part rests between A great item to have her wear when she is going to show off her body to you.
For Master Roshi and Oolong, these are their favorite part of Women's clothing.
(American): Short underpants for children and women. Also written as pantie and panty. It is an American term appearing about 1835-45. One of the many terms evolving from the term "pantaloons". Current American usage is for women's and girls' underwear, but not boys' underwear. The common comparable word in England is knickers.
Panties are female undergarments. The term spread through American culture in the 1950s after women's underwear became flashier and more colorful than traditional white cotton hygiene undergarments. Many people would agree there is a large cultural difference between typical underwear and panties, since the latter tends to carry different, more feminine influences.
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This niche features girls, usually young looking ones, posing in their panties. The panties are usually white or innocent looking styles.
Young, barely legal teens posing in panties, often white in color to symbolize their near virginal status.
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See Lingerie.
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