Definitions for "Painterly"
having qualities unique to the art of painting
in painting, sculpture or architecture, the use of masses of color to show as opposed to linear painting which uses contours and edges to define its forms. The forms are thus more amorphous and the eye can interpret more movement.
Painting characterized by openness of form, in which shapes are defined by loose brushwork in light and dark color areas rather than by outline or contour.
A description referring to the HANDLING of a painting whereby the presence of the artist is clearly visible in the work by means of brush strokes and interpretation.
a painting technique where the artist's large brushstrokes are visible (examples: all the same as "impasto").
Appearing free in style or technique, with more use of a mass than of line; having the effect of spontaneous, expert paint application.
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Painting Palette
A prissy way to drive home the point that there are not enough words in the English language to describe sounds.
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Like a painter's work.