Definitions for "Pacemaker "
a specialized bit of heart tissue that controls the heartbeat.
An implanted electronic device that takes over the function of the natural cardiac pacemaker{1}; -- used to assist people whose heartbeat is irregular.
A small, implantable device that provides an electrical stimulus to the heart when the natural electrical signal is absent or too slow to provide sufficient pumping action.
A horse used to set the pace in racing.
A stable companion put into a contest to set the pace for another Pastern The part of the horse's leg between the fetlock and just above the hoof Pick up the bit Take an interest in the race Pink eye Conjunctivitis in horses Placed Finished in the first three Pulled A horse which is pulled is deliberately restrained, either to fool the handicapper or to avoid winning as a result of a bribe! Now of course results in horrible recriminations from The Jockey Club. Putting up overweight Carrying more weight than that allocated by the handicapper
a competitor who enters an athletics race with little or no intention of winning, but purely to set a fast pace for other competitors to follow
A registered trade mark of Portakabin Limited for a building in our range of high-quality, relocatable accommodation.
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See sinoatrial node.
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A technique for pacing a process to takt time.
a leading instance in its field; "the new policy will be a pacesetter in community relations"
an excitable cell or group of cells whose firing is spontaneous and rhythmic
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Pacemaker is a dynamic rate-limiting script that watches network traffic and determines which machines are probably abusing your network. Pacemaker catches things like Windows worm scans, port scans, P2P network traffic, and anything else that tries to go beyond the normal number of connections a standard machine should use.
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a disk that weighs less than two ounces
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an integral part of its owners no less than the owner's corneas
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Any process point along a value stream that sets the pace for the entire stream.