Definitions for "Over the Limit"
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when a team commits more than 4 fouls in any one quarter (or 7 in any one half).
Beyond a given number of fouls. Each team is allowed four fouls per quarter for which no free throws are assessed (unless they are committed against players in the act of shooting ); after four fouls a team is said to be "over the limit" and free throws are assessed on all subsequent fouls.
when a team commits more than 5 team fouls per NBA period (4 in each overtime) or more than 7 per half in college.
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When a borrower has accessed an amount of money larger than what is available in their credit line. Depending on the credit issuer, this may be permitted, but the borrower will usually be charged an "Over the Limit" fee.
Over the Limit is the third album released by Trout Fishing in America. It was released in 1992, on the Trout Music label.