Definitions for "Orgone"
The cosmic life force. See section on Orgone in book.
Wilhelm Reich's word for etheric energy.
ORgone or OR energy is the term given by W. Reich to a massfree primordial cosmic energy that filled space to the brim, was ubiquitous, and which he could detect optically, thermally, electroscopically, and by means of radiation counters, in the atmosphere, the soil, living systems and the vacuum. Aetherometry treats orgone energy as simply one of the segments of the continuum of ambipolar massfree electric radiation, that segment which is essential for cellular life and supports the production of low frequency optothermal photons.
(Latin: Organum) This term appears in a 15th century poem, Lystyne lordys verament. It may refer to a musical instrument, specifically a wind instrument.