Definitions for "Orcs"
Keywords:  elves, evil, creatures, uglier, tolkian
A race of degenerate creatures that look like distorted humans with animal features. Tribes of these evil creatures roam the fantasy worlds battling humans. In Tolkian it was told that dark forces took elves and warped them through dark magic into the orcs.
These evil creatures were once elves, twisted and tortured by Morgoth to become his vicious and mean servants. They're stronger and tougher than your average human, but also uglier and more stupid. A single orc is not very dangerous, but this isn't really very relevant since they almost always appear in large groups. However, an experienced fighter shouldn't have any trouble with even a large number of orcs; only their numerous uniques might actually give some challenge to them.
Keywords:  flunkies, agents, low, level
Agents and other low level flunkies.