Definitions for "Option Agreement"
A document (or series of documents) that outlines the terms of and rules pertaining to an employee's stock options. View a sample option agreement.
a contract between two or more entities that outlines terms for a specific review or trial period for a technology and related business after which the entities may choose to enter into a long-term contractual agreement
a contract where the owner of property (optionor or option-giver) gives another (optionee or option-holder) the right to buy the property at a fixed price within a specified time on agreed terms
a common type of unilateral contract
a contract under which the owner offers a land trust a fixed period of time (normally a period of three to twelve months) within which to make a decision to purchase either a conservation easement or the property outright
an example of a unilateral contract
a contract whereby a company is granted for a limited time the exclusive opportunity to acquire a license under negotiated terms
Gives the company a period of time to evaluate its commercial interest in a technology. Many include terms for specific technology development funding, in which the company funds research in the inventor's lab while retaining an option to acquire licensing rights. At the end of the option, the company will either negotiate terms for a license or allow the option to terminate.
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A form that an options investor opening an option account fills out guarantees the investor will follow trading regulations and has the financial resources to settle possible losses.